Kanada yeni standart COVID-19 aşı seyahat sertifikası başlattı

Kanada yeni standart COVID-19 aşısı seyahat sertifikası başlattı.
Kanada yeni standart COVID-19 aşısı seyahat sertifikası başlattı.

The certificate will include a person’s name, date of birth and COVID-19 vaccine history — including which doses a person received and when they were inoculated.

The proof-of-vaccination certificate will also have a Canadian identifying mark and meets major international smart health card standards, government officials said.

Currently, Canadians can travel using a picture or copy of a vaccine certificate issued by a province. Not all have a QR code.

More than 73% of Canadians are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, according to Oxford University tracking group.

Canadians will not be able to board a plane for foreign or domestic travel without a proof-of-vaccination certificate beginning November 30, according to local news sources.

Kanada recently reopened its borders to international travelers who have proof of vaccination, and it has waived quarantine requirements for returning Canadian travelers who can show that they are immunized.

The land border between Kanada and the US will reopen to fully vaccinated travelers making non-essential trips on November 8.

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