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Goa Taksi Uygulaması Hindistan'da Kullanıma Sunuldu

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‘Goa Taxi App‘ has been launched by Tourism Department of Goa to ensure convenient and hassle-free commuting for visitors and residents across the state. Goa is one of the major tourist destinations in India. The information was published through a government release.

Additionally, the app will give Goa Taxi Drivers a chance to boost their earnings within the state. It will also provide a price advantage. For residents and tourists, the app will offer the convenience of booking a cab from their home or hotel, as mentioned in the release.

While launching the app, Chief Minister of Goa Pramod Sawant said, “Over the last four years, it has been our goal to develop innovative technology in various sectors in order to increase the ease of living and happiness index of both tourists and residents in Goa.”

CM Sawant stated that they had received a positive response for the past six months and were launching the Goa Taxi App that day. He mentioned their goal was to attract quality visitors rather than focusing on numbers. Additionally, he indicated that the app would help reduce accidents and ensure the safety of women travelers. He encouraged everyone to use the Goa Taxi App and commended those who had already done so, as it reflected their trust in the government.

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